Zendesk offers a swath of products that supplement — and in some cases supplant — its clients’ customer service offerings. Until now, however, businesses had to sign up for Zendesk’s services individually, as they weren’t available in a single bundle. That changes today with the introduction of Zendesk Suite, a subscription plan that brings the company’s most popular products together under one roof.

“From an omnichannel point of view … our products scale to companies where there are many thousands of agents that deal with customer inquiries,” Adrian McDermott, president of products at Zendesk, told VentureBeat. “[Zendesk Suite] allows customer service experience to be tailored and richly transitioned from one channel to another, which we think is a unique offering in the industry.”

The Zendesk Suite comprises the company’s Support, Guide, Chat, and Talk products, funneling email, live chat, phone, self-service help centers, and other channels — including social media networks like Twitter and Facebook — into a single dashboard. Agents can start conversations on one platform and seamlessly transition them to another, as well as viewing past interactions in a unified stream.

Above: A Zendesk agent fields a customer service request via chat.

According to Zendesk’s research, companies that integrate across customer service channels have 39 percent lower wait times and are 31 percent more likely to resolve problems with a single interaction.

“First-generation and second-generation customer relationship management software wasn’t constructed in a way that helps you…