The internet’s most hated man, Ajit Pai, was taken down from YouTube for seven hours after a copyright complaint from the record label Mad Decent. Earlier this week, The Daily Caller posted a video of the FCC chairman dismissing concerns over net neutrality by while dancing around in a Santa suit to “Harlem Shake” and swinging a lightsaber. The flippant tone he took to the hot button issue of net neutrality was unpopular, and as of writing, the video currently stands at 7k likes to 169k dislikes.

Baauer, the DJ who created the track that accompanies the Harlem Shake meme, was “appalled” to be associated in any way with the repeal of net neutrality, and even tweeted that he was going to take action to “stop this loser” (presumably referring to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission).

In a statement to the Verge on Thursday, Baauer said that he is in support of net neutrality and that his team was “currently exploring every single avenue available to get it taken down.”

According to an op-ed published by The Daily Caller, he succeeded for about seven hours.

Screenshot by the Daily Caller

“Google is quietly and arbitrarily using its massive power to censor the internet,” said the publisher of The Daily Caller, about the brief takedown of their Ajit Pai PSA.

“It took seven crucial hours and the full force of our news site to push Google and YouTube to reverse this political censorship,” he wrote, claiming that they were only able to prevail because of the “sizable…