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The tech industry has recently been dogged by public allegations of sexual harassment. But as a hotbed for innovation and challenging the status quo, tech companies are in a unique position to lead the charge toward eradicating harassment from our workplaces. Here’s how.

Go above and beyond the complex legal definition

Applicable laws provide rather complicated and involved standards for what constitutes harassment. Go beyond the laws. In other words, adopt an anti-harassment policy that is stricter and simpler to understand than the law. This will send the message to your workforce that your company has zero tolerance for conduct that is even close to the line. It will also make it easier for your workforce to understand the rules that apply to them. And, it will enable your company to address problematic conduct as a policy violation before it becomes a legal violation.

Build an anti-harassment culture 

Companies with low instances of harassment have some common cultural traits. They’re not specific to harassment, but they’re the kinds of characteristics that lead to a culture of respect across the board.

  • They embrace diversity. A company culture that is mindfully established for the inclusion and celebration of everyone leaves little room for degrading behavior against others based on sex or other legally protected categories.
  • They have one unified voice. When your entire company stands behind the same key behaviors and core values, and when each employee can not only name these behaviors and values but explain how they contribute to them and why, you have a strong…