Nintendo has launched its latest mobile game … sorta. Dragalia Lost is out now on iPhone, and it should hit Google Play soon. But while you can download the game, Nintendo’s servers haven’t gone live. So people are getting the game but cannot actually play it. The publisher plans to launch Dragalia Lost on September 27, which is right now in Japan. But fans may have to wait a bit longer before they can actually try out the new game.

As you might expect, this has some fans frustrated that they can download it but can’t play it. Most early reviews feature players complaining that Dragalia Lost doesn’t work yet. Nintendo has said on Twitter that it won’t push the game live until midnight tonight Pacific time.

But just because you can’t play it doesn’t mean people aren’t rushing to get the latest free-to-play Nintendo game on mobile. Dragalia Lost is already the No. 2 most downloaded game in Japan right now, according to data-tracking firm Sensor Tower. In the United States, it’s No. 23 on the download charts.

What is Dragalia Lost?

Dragalia Lost is an action role-playing adventure. It has players putting together a party of four adventures who all earn experience and level up. Like a traditional RPG for consoles, you control your characters through an overworld….