Chatbots continue to be the first line of offense for AI-powered apps. Facebook recently announced that it has over 300,000 business bots on its Messenger platform, and the growth of conversational user interfaces isn’t slowing.

But most of these bots aren’t using AI at all. Even with today’s artificial intelligence advances, chatbots aren’t good enough to answer anything more than simple, frequently asked questions.

Today Wysh announced the launch of its concierge and rewards platform, after two years in stealth mode. The startup’s answer to the AI problem? Combining artificial intelligence and real intelligence in a single platform and building the solution on blockchain technology to provide transparency.

When we say “concierge,” we don’t mean the kind that tells you about a local restaurant or takes your bags to your room. Wysh is an AI-powered multi-channel messaging platform for the enterprise — a “digital concierge as a service.”

Wysh provides instant communication between users and businesses through AI and blockchain technologies. This isn’t just about allowing businesses to engage with customers, though. The solution will also facilitate payments, which is why the company recently landed $2 million in a round led by Park Capital, a strategic investment firm focused on fintech.

Wysh provides its digital concierge as an API to service providers. It combines AI technology with human concierges and customer service teams, recognizing automatically when a customer needs a real person to answer more complex questions than a chatbot alone can solve.

“Wysh is B2B in…