None of us ever want to engage in any emergency situation.But, in case an emergency happens.We all desire for excellent care as soon as possible.


It includes working with medical professionals working as fast as possible.To find out what is the problem. And take you out of that problem.Wrixo is a medical wristband.It is to solve this process faster.

The design of the band is particular for adults and kids who may not know their health information.

In this way, emergency doctors can get the record of their health in urgency. It could also be beneficial.It is perfect for a Medical AID.So any one can in the crowd of people avail from this band(Wrixo).

This wristband contains a Near Field Communication wireless chip.It is on the side of Wrixo.This chip has every patient’s patient ID.Which, can be used to find all previous medical records.All you have to do is just tap into WRIXO. With an NFC-enabled tablet or phone.Scan the QR barcode on the wristband.All the information will be accessible then.

 This wristband can also tell. If the patient has any allergies.Which disease is inherited.His or her emergency numbers.Patient blood type.To, keep patient records up to date.Just tap into patient wristband.Log into his or her account.Make all changes you want and update it.After saving all the latest information will be there.

Whoever login to your account. Can also see your medical records.Like X-Rays images, MRIs and all kind of medical record.

And you don’t have to worry about breaking any HIPAA protocols with the wristband and associated app. Each user chooses what information they want to choose. Before doctors upload any of it the WRIXO cloud. On top of that, emergency responders and physicians have to put in their cell. To get a  PIN number.Before getting access to your information.

It makes sure that only people. Who wants to see their health records have access to it.No body else will get access to it.

 internet security company launched this product.It comes in two colors.Two colors are pink and blue.It is water proof and durable.It does not need any batteries or charger.It s price is $19.99.

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