There are so many distractions that slow our work. Follow, if you are a busy worker, you need to learn a strategy to get more work done in less time. There are alot of distractions online that can kill your time. In this article, i will share a few tips that I my self-started using recently. They are helping me alot. Now i can spend my time on other work, which i could not do it before.

Get more work done in less time

Do not  open Facebook/Email first thing in the morning

Whenever i look at my surfing habits, I realize that I spend alot of time on Facebook and Email. To me, this an excellent approach, and now i do my best to keep my self away from Facebook as much as possible. For emails, i have set time to check and reply.

Facebook is amongst the most addictive websites that are killing most bloggers precious time, agree?

Make use of Facebook?

First of all, try to make Facebook work for you. Do not let Facebook suck your precious time. Do not open facebook in the morning when you start your work. Always first focus on what you have to do on your blogs. Then start working on your blogs without wasting time. This may seem to be very tough in the starting if you are a Facebook addict. But try, try and try until you succeed. You will notice the better results on your blog.

Use Pomodoro technique

It is a technique that can help to get more things done in a short time. You will be more productive when you follow the Pomodoro tool. Here’s the summary of Pomodoro technique

  • Set time for 25 mins
  • Focus on ONE task
  • Finish at least three Pomodoro per day
  •  download Pomodoro timer here.

It will be a little challenging to use in the starting, but you will work faster, better and productive after using Pomodoro for many times.

Learn to write blog posts quickly 

 If you wish to become a productive blogger, then you must learn to write posts quickly. So, there’s no excuse if you ca n’t write great blog posts in a short time

Down below are two more ways to write posts quickly

  • Use zenwriter: This tool is free. It helps you write faster blog posts without getting distracted.  It comes with a cool background and soothing music, creates an excellent environment for you to write without having any distractions or noise. Try this out; you’ll definitely love zenwriter.
  • Do not edit during writing: This is another tip that will make you write faster blog posts. I do not mean to say that you do not edit at all but first do the writing part then edit it.

Keep your working area clean and uncluttered

decluttered home office space

The working area plays an important role especially when you are working from home. You must keep your working desk clean, follow some basic ethics. The more simple your working area is, the more productive you become.

Create to-do lists daily  before you go to  sleep

To do lists work wonder if you want to spend productive time. Because it provides  you clear directions on what-to-do on a specific day. So your brain always keeps telling you about your to-do lists.

Try this:  Gmail to-do list

I also recommend starting doing Yoga or exercise, as it helps you to keep your mind stronger.

Move ahead, try your best to follow these tips. I am sure you will be able to do your work in less time after following these tips.