The first thing you can do to improve your blog traffic is to work on your On-Page Seo and on-site SEO. We will talk about the essential SEO factor which will help you improve all SEO and organic ranking.

Webmasters mostly overlook internal linking.

What is internal linking in SEO?

When you create links from one post to another, within the same blog. They are called internal links. They help to pass the link juice from one page to another.

 Understand with an example

Suppose you have a blog which got ten high-quality backlinks from other blogs. As you know that page is ranking high in SERP’S. Here what you can do is to link to other pages of your blog from that high ranking page.

To create an authority website, one needs to make sure all pages of your blog are interlinked.

A perfect example of solid internal linking is Wikipedia.

It’s time to learn some advanced tips and tricks of getting this technique right.

How to start internal linking

The main rule for internal linking is that linked pages should be relevant. Take advantages of internal links wherever possible.

In WordPress, you can use WordPress Plugins for internal linking. Here is a guide on the same which is a good starting point for you.

Find pages with the low number of outgoing internal links

For this, we will be using Yoast SEO pro version. It  can also let you identify pages with low incoming internal links as well

From the Yoast > Tools section, enable the text link counter feature and go to posts edit section inside the dashboard where all your posts are listed.

There, you will see two new columns which show the number of outgoing internal links and the number of incoming internal links to the post.

Wordpress post interlinking

From here you can find columns based on ascending or descending order of the number of links.

In  WordPress blogs, you can identify the issue quickly with Yoast SEO premium version. Blogs that are not built on WordPress or BlogSpot. They should use SEMRUSH.

When you have found pages or posts that have a low number of outgoing or incoming links, half work is completed. Now, you should start focusing on updating the posts to improve the overall link structure of your blog.

I hope you find this article useful. Thanks for reading.