Word2016 tutorial for beginners Part 10:

In this Word2016 tutorial for beginners, we will teach you how to add columns to a document, how to create a header or footer and how to add page numbers to a document.

How To add columns to a document:

1. Choose the text that you want to format.

2.Choose the Page Layout tab then click on the Columns command.You will see a drop-down menu.

3.Now select the number of columns you want to create.

4The tet will change into columns.

Word2016 tutorial

How To create a header or footer:

1.Double click anywhere on the top margin or bottom margin.In this example, we will double-click the top margin.

Word2016 tutorial

2.The header or footer will appear.

3.Type the information into the header.

4.When you are finished, click Close Header and Footer.


5.The header will appear.


How To insert the date or time into a header or footer:

1.To unlock Double-click anywhere on the header or footer. Put the insertion point in that area where you want the date or time to appear.

2.The Design tab will appear. Click the Date & Time command.

3.The date and time dialog box will show.Choose the desired date and time format.

4.If you wish the date to change every time you open the document check the box next to Update automatically.

5.Click Ok.

6.The date will show in the header.

How To add page numbers to a document:

1.Double click anywhere on the header to unlock it.

2.Click the Page Number command. In the menu that appears, hover the mouse over Current Position and select the desired page numbering style.

3.Page numbering will show.

4.To edit the fontfont size, and alignment of page numbers select a page number and click the Home tab. Word’s text formatting options will appear.

5. In our example, we changed the text color to red color.

To download Word 2016 click here.