In this part of Word2016 tutorial for beginners, you will learn about inserting a table, add chart and grammar and spelling check.

Word2016 tutorial for beginners:

How To insert a blank table:

1.Place the insertion point on the place where you want the table to show.

2.Hit the insert tab.

3.Hit the table command.

4.A drop-down menu will appear.Put the mouse cursor on the grid to choose the number of columns and rows on the table.

5.Click the mouse, and you will see the table in the document.

6.Place the insertion point anywhere in the table to write text.

Word2016 tutorial

 How To convert existing text to a table:

1.Select the text that you want to turn into a table.

2.From the drop-down menu choose to convert text to table.

3.A dialog box will appear. Choose one of the options in the Separate text at a section.

Word2016 tutorial


4.Click OK. The text appears in a table.

How To add a row or column:

1.Put the mouse on the place where you want to add a row or column.

2.Click on the plus sign that appears.

3. The new column will appear.

Word2016 tutorial


How To insert a chart:

1.Choose the Insert tab, then click the chart command.

2. A dialog box will show.Select a category from the left pane.

3.Choose the desired chart then click on Ok.


4.A chart and a spreadsheet will appear.


How To run a Spelling and Grammar check:

1.Click the spelling and grammar command from the review tab.

2.The Spelling and Grammar pane will appear.

3.Word will check all the error then click on ok

How To change the automatic spelling and grammar check settings:

1.Click the file tab then click options.

2.A dialog box will appear. Select Proofing. The dialog box gives you several options to choose from:

  • If, you don’t want  Word to check spelling, uncheck Check spelling as you type automatically.
  • If you don’t want grammar errors to be marked, uncheck Mark grammar errors as you type.
  • If you don’t want Word to check for contextual errors, uncheck Frequently confused words.

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