In this Word2016 beginners tutorial, you will learn about SmartArt graphic, how to change the theme in a word with pictures for easy explanation.

Word2016 beginners tutorial

How to insert a SmartArt graphic:

1.Put the insertion point where you want the smart Art graphic to see.

2.Choose SmartArt command in the illustrations group from the insert tab.

3.A dialog box will appear. Select a category on the left, choose the desired SmartArt graphic, then

4.The smart graphic will show in the document.

Word2016 beginners tutorial

How To add text to a SmartArt graphic:

1.First, select the SmartArt graphic.

2.You will see the SmartArt task pane to the left.

3.Enter the text.The text will appear in the graphics and will fit in shape.

Word2016 beginners tutorial

Changing the SmartArt organization

How To add a shape:

1.Select the smart Art graphic.

2. Click the Design tab on right side of the ribbon tab.

3.Decide where you want the new shape to appear, and select an adjacent shape.

Word2016 beginners tutorial

How To apply a style:

1.Select the text.

2.Choose the desired style

3.The text will change in the document.

How To change the theme:

1.Click on themes command from the design tab.

2.Choose the desired theme.

3.The selected theme will apply to the document.

How to save theme:

1.Click on themes command from the design tab then choose to save current theme.

2. The Save dialog box will show. Write a name for your theme then click on Save button.

3.The theme will be can then apply it to any of your document.

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I hope I covered all the necessary things of Word2016 in my tutorials.I can hope that you have learned a lot from these tutorials.If yes, Please do share it with your friends. Thanks!!