Whynter Elite ARC-122DHP Portable Air Conditioner

Street price: $500; deal price: $350

This is the first time we’ve posted a sale on this recommended portable air conditioner, and it’s down a massive $150 to $350. While it did briefly drop to this price at the start of July, we missed that sale, and aside from that, it’s been $500 for months. The key difference between this and our top pick is that this unit has an added heater and drain pump. With this discount, even with those added features, it’s the cheaper option.

The Whynter Elite ARC-122DHP Portable Air Conditioner is the runner-up pick in our guide to the best portable air conditioner. Liam McCabe and Tyler Wells Lynch wrote, “The Whynter Elite ARC-122DHP is the same air conditioner as our main pick, with the addition of a heater and a drain pump. That means it can double as a space heater during cold weather, and automatically pump water out of the condensation tray, instead of needing manual emptying. Those are some nice perks, but most people won’t have much use for either of them. Condensation, especially, is only an issue in extremely hot and humid conditions; most of the time, any condensation evaporates and gets vented through the exhaust hose. So unless you know you need these features, pick whichever model costs less at the time of buying or is more easily available.”

Miir 64oz Growler

Street price: $59; deal price: $42

Available for $42 in all colors (though the black is low in stock), if you’re looking for a growler for your beer adventures this summer, here’s your chance to save. Usually just under…