Microsoft has kicked off 2018 with two new ads promoting Windows 10 Edge’s battery efficiency and speed compared with Google Chrome.

It’s a new year and Microsoft wants its Windows 10 users to give Edge a chance, rather than merely using the browser to install Chrome.

Microsoft published the two new ads on New Year’s Eve, pitting Edge against Chrome, the world’s most popular browser.

“Microsoft Edge is up to 48 percent faster than Google Chrome,” Microsoft says in one of the 30-second ads.

Not only that, but Microsoft argues that Edge is safer too, thanks to SmartScreen, its built-in equivalent of Google’s Safe Browsing anti-phishing technology. Microsoft says: “Edge blocks 18 percent more phishing sites than Google Chrome.”

Microsoft doesn’t cite the source of this statistic, but in October, NSS Labs released a report comparing Edge on the locked-down Windows 10 S with Chrome on Chromebooks, suggesting that Edge blocks more phishing URLs than Chrome.

A month earlier, Google released reports that it commissioned from two independent security firms that found Safe Browsing is more accurate than SmartScreen.

The other ad Microsoft published pits Edge against Firefox and Chrome in a battery performance test on a Surface Book running Windows 10 Fall Creators Update edition.

Microsoft has published in blue the actual runtime results of its tests, with the normalized figures in red.

Image: Microsoft

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