It’s common to write Windows Phone off as a dead mobile OS, especially since Microsoft is effectively out of the handset business. But the operating system is still supported and getting updates. In fact, for its business customers, many of whom have signed support agreements, mainstream support for Windows 10 Mobile continues until December 2019 or October 2020. Of course, that’s not much use if businesses can’t buy any more handsets without trawling auction sites for stock, so Microsoft is working with OEMs to keep the supply going for business users who want to stay on the platform.

That’s how Wileyfox came to launch its first Windows Phone handset. The Wileyfox Pro is a lightweight budget device with a five-inch screen that still comes nicely packaged with a full set of accessories — a charger with US, UK, and EU plug fittings, a Micro-USB cable and a wired headset. The battery is also removable, which is unusual these days.

Micro-USB is also unusual for Wileyfox devices, whose recent Android handsets use USB-C for charging. However, this will suit businesses who already have a wide range of accessories and chargers that use Micro-USB. The cost of accessories for iOS as well as the cost of even older iPhone models is a bar for many businesses who want to provide devices to employees; the Pro works with what they already have on hand. This also keeps the handset a little thinner; the chassis actually flares out at the top around the Micro-USB port and headphone jack to save on bulk, but it still feels sturdy and comfortable.

The battery is removable, revealing the Micro SIM slot beneath…