When companies talk about moving to the cloud, they’re usually bringing their workloads from an on-premises datacenter to a public cloud environment, not switching clouds. But GitLab, a startup that provides developer tools, announced this week that it’s abandoning Microsoft Azure for Google Cloud Platform.

GitLab chose to move because it’s adopting Kubernetes, an open source project initially released by Google that’s designed to help companies manage applications composed of multiple software containers. It’s a move CEO Sid Sijbrandij said the company’s engineers welcomed with open arms. In his view, Google offers superior performance at a better price than other cloud providers.

“Google as a public cloud, they have more experience than the other public cloud providers because they basically made a cloud for themselves,” he said in an interview with VentureBeat. “And you find that in things such as networking, where their network quality is ahead of everyone else. It’s more reliable, it has less jitter, and it’s just really, really impressive how they do that, and we’re happy to start hosting Gitlab.com on that.”

(It’s worth noting that both Amazon and Microsoft tout their experience running large-scale web services as part of their pitches for their cloud platforms.)

The startup gets to use Google Kubernetes Engine, a managed service that’s supposed to simplify operating a Kubernetes cluster, as part of the migration. Sijbrandij said GKE’s near-immediate adoption of the latest open source release of the orchestration tool made it the most attractive offering on…