Whats App Latest Feature:

WhatsApp is introducing the new feature. This feature can share any file.Before a user can send only documents, videos, and pictures.Now any file can be shared.WhatsApp is allowed to send files up to 100MB.This feature could be handy. For people who want to share hidden or open files.

There are many benefits of sending data through WhatsApp.Up to 100 Mb un compressed data users can send.Besides sending data. One can now choose. An image or a video from your device.And send them to your friends.So users can share very high-quality photos and videos.

This app will be useful for those people. Where at work WhatsApp is used.The user can directly share app.So app store is not required.This app is handy for people living in countries. Where they have banned some apps. Saudia Arabia, Russia, And China are these countries.

Computer Science and Engineering professor. Name Damon McCoy.Who is a teacher at the NYU Tandon Engineering School said:”Most of the mobile phones will only let you run applications. Unless you root them. Many people use phone applications.The web and desktop users could use for file sharing.Which, is understandable.The same risk of hitting on links and downloading files on the internet would apply.

 It started as a simple chat app.Slowly WhatsApp introduced other cool features.Like video calling.The latest update also adds a great and clean feature-camera view. Which display grid of your current pictures and videos.

Users of some countries prefer to root their phones. Which, may create a security concern. IOS and Android users got this update.

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