What’s in Your Bag? is a recurring feature where we ask people to tell us a bit more about their everyday gadgets by opening their bags and hearts to us. This week, we’re featuring Verge tech reporter Dani Deahl.

I didn’t realize how much stuff I carry with me until I had to unpack my bag for this piece. I’ve been a traveling DJ for over a decade and so I’ve learned, over time, the varying bits and pieces I need to account for the “what ifs” that can happen while at gigs, nightclubs, or festivals. DJ rule number one — always carry a USB drive, even if you’re not planning to DJ!

Aside from that, my setup is both functional and sentimental. Looking at everything, I think the way I curate my objects is so they serve a purpose, but also remind me of a memory. Tiny breadcrumbs of my travels and my life can be found throughout. Why have a regular-ass pen when I can have a pen I won with my husband in a Hong Kong arcade? I don’t get to see many of my friends often and there are times I’m away from home for long stretches, so it helps to carry pieces of both.

Ozuko owl backpack

I got this bag at the Ladies’ Market in Hong Kong a few years ago. My husband’s family is from Hong Kong and we travel there yearly to see them. The markets are always a necessary visit, and it helps that he speaks Cantonese and haggles for me. Owl bags became popular in the markets around this time and there were several lookalikes, but this one by Ozuko was my favorite. It’s starting to fall apart — I’ve re-sewn a couple of the interior pockets that…

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