On April 3, Apple announced their hire of John Giannandrea, Google’s chief of search and artificial intelligence. In charge of Apple’s machine learning and artificial intelligence strategy, Giannandrea will report directly to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook.

This sounds like good news for Apple. In terms of the AI field, the company has been lagging behind Google, which is a clear leader in AI. Google’s Assistant, for example, is considered much more usable and helpful than Siri, despite the fact Google released its assistant five years later. Perhaps Giannandrea’s insider insight will turn the AI tide in Apple’s favor.

But let’s consider another aspect of this story: How did Apple get Giannandrea? How did they convince him to leave the most successful company in his field? Is the best talent simply up for grabs for the highest bidder? Not quite.

How to woo a potential hire

As someone with years of recruiting experience, I’ve seen top talent stolen away from many an industry-leading company. To pull off this move successfully, companies must orient potential new hires by revealing three specific things: their vision, their problems, and the resources that will be available to them to solve the problems.

Share the vision

When seeking to recruit top players away from other companies, an employer needs to demonstrate transparency. While outlining the goals, plans, and desires of the position, it must also share the overarching vision for the company, demonstrating that it wants the candidate’s specific talents to help it reach those goals.

Share the problem

There’s something flattering…