How Can Spinning Articles Help Me?

Let’s first begin with what it spinning? Simply put, it’s re-arranging words, sentences, and paragraphs to say the same thing but be unique from one another. How can this be a help to you? First, if you have a blog on a particular topic, you will find that some articles overlap in subject matter, by spinning all or part of your articles, you can add content quickly to your site. Second, you can always find good content and filler for your blog by using PLR articles, however, it’s essential that they not be used “as is”. Why, cant you use it as is? Because you will get dinged by Google and other search engines for having duplicate content instead of unique content on your site and support sites. Just as you are able to find PLR articles to use, other bloggers are too. Many of them will not bother to spin their articles and their site will never boom!  Did you know you can spin one article to literally have hundreds and even thousands of variations?

Your thinking why would I need a 100 variations of the same article? Do you have social media and support sites to feed to your main site? BINGO! You need those variations! You know, when I first started spinning articles for one of our sites that I had a brick and mortar store for, I was explaining to one of my employees what I was doing. She was years younger than me of course and she is like oh yeah we do that with our papers for school! So, I guess that’s a third reason you could spin a body of work. I will go on the record of saying, that’s not a good idea for getting through college, but hey, to each their own!

Example of Spinning


Spinning an article may be difficult if you try using only your vocabulary. Let’s face it, none of us are one hundred percent on using all those words we learned in school! So, there are tools that will help you to spin your articles. Maybe you have a blog about cars, cats, pets, children, or beauty. You will still need great content! Unique Content!

Spintax: (this is what it looks like when you use a simple spinner)


See how the spinner gave you suggested words? With this spinner, I was able to choose which options I like. If you notice, not all of the suggestions are viable. Yes, it will give you unique content for the bots to see but the human reading it would like it to make sense!  There are also some spinners out there that will blow your mind and how far they can go! They tell you how unique your articles are from one another, give you 1000’s of variations, are user friendly, can spin images, videos, links, back links, integrate with scrapers, and so much more!  Now, what a spinner doesn’t take into account is how weaving those options all together reads together. So it’s imperative that you always proof read your spins before publishing.

This article is only an introduction to spinning so I am not going to go into all the details yet. We offer some great tutorials to show you step-by-step on how to spin and specifically how to get the most out of your spinner and time. I hope this has helped answer some of your questions on spinning articles. Feel free, to comment with questions below as well.

Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier!


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