Are you aware of something that is called Readability Seo?

If you aren’t aware what is readability? It is one of those signals that Google uses for ranking your blogs or site

What is Readability Level?

Readability has various meanings, let it put it into blogging terms:

It is the easy-ness of reading an article.

According to Wikipedia:

Readability is the ease in which text can be read and understood. Different factors to measure readability have been used, such as “speed of perception,” “perceptibility at a distance,” “perceptibility in peripheral vision,” “visibility,” “the reflex blink technique,” “rate of work” (e.g., speed of reading), “eye movements,” and “fatigue in reading.”

Many ways are there to calculate readability levels of text and online articles.

I have shared two Readability Calculators” below. You can use these for your blog content.

Procedure to check your readability levels?

One must always check his/ her website’s reading level.

Go to this site and type in your blog’s URL. You will see a result like this:

Online Readability Calculator:

One more useful online tool is called the Online Utility Document Readability Calculator

It is free, and you can use this tool to test the readability of your blog.

All you have to do is copy and paste your text and add a URL; you will see scores based on:

  • SMOG
  • ARI
  • Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level
  • Coleman Liau Index

The results will look like this:

What is Readability? Online readability calculators


The awesome part of this tool is it will also tell which words or sentences can be rewritten to improve your score level. If you have a better reading score your article can be understood by more audience.

Tools to improve readability scores:


It lets you check your writing for grammatical mistakes.

It’s a free tool which you can start using right now.

Watch the Grammarly review here:

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After finding the Hemingwaytool.It is very helpful. I suggest every blogger to use this tool.

This tool has a free online editor, which tells how easy or hard it is to read specific content.

If you did not pay attention to readability for Seo before. I hope after reading this article you will pay attention to it now. Because a focus in that can take your site to rank in google.