For people who are not aware of what readability is. It is one of those signals which Google uses for ranking your blog. I always suggest you to avoid poor readability level.

What is Readability Level?

Readability has different meanings, but let me explain to you  into blogging terms:

  • It’s the “easy-ness” of reading an article.

There are alot of ways to calculate readability levels of text and articles. Most common used readability measurements are:

Flesch Reading Ease

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level

Coleman-Liau Index

Gunning-Fog Index

All of these have a different formula to check the readability level.

Description of Flesch Reading Ease score:

  • 90.0-100.0:  Easily understood by 11 yr. old student.
  • 60.0-70.0: Easily understood by 13-15 yr. old student.
  • 0.0 – 30.0: Ideal for university students

I am sharing two Readability Calculators” below. You can use them to calculate the reading score of your article.

How to check your readability levels?

Always check your website’s reading level

Go to this site and write in your blog’s URL. You will see a result like this:

Online Readability Calculator:

If you are using MS Word or Outlook, you can refer to this knowledgebase to enable the readability check option.

Another useful online tool called the Online-Utility Document Readability Calculator. 

It is used to test the readability. It is free.

Only copy and paste your text, or add a URL, and you will get scores based on:

  • SMOG
  • ARI
  • Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level
  • Coleman Liau Index

The results will look like this:

The cool part about this tool is it will also give you suggestion that which sentences can be re-written to improve your score.

Tools to improve readability scores:

As English is not my mother language, so  I need Grammarly

This tool allows you to check your writing for grammatical errors. It also suggests you alternate words.this can make your writing more powerful.

It also suggests alternate words which can make your writing even more powerful.

It’s a free tool (the paid version offers advanced features) which you can start using right now.

What is readability? Free Online Readability Calculators

This tool gives you a free online editor, it shows how easy or hard it is to read content.

A little bit of focus in this area will take your good site and make it great.