What is content marketing?

Content marketing contains all marketing activities. It is necessary for branding. The main idea of content marketing is to share valuable information in a great way to attract the audience and to make a brand. The most well know ways of content marketing is blogging. In this post, you will learn what content marketing is? Importance of content marketing for SEO?How one should set up a content marketing strategy.

Sharing valuable information for free is the basis of content marketing. Your audience will get an advantage from the information and will distinguish you and your company as experts in a specific field.

Your expertise will be the cause why people will buy your products or services.

Content marketing is one of the major things we do at Yoast.

Why is content marketing important for SEO?

Writing content is a major aspect of Search Engine Optimization. Google first reads your text, indexes the text and then ranks it. If it (content marketing) is done correctly, Your site rankings will rise when you begin content marketing. And, all of these new visitors are potential buyers. So,  to increase the traffic, content marketing could increase your sales too.

 Set up a content marketing strategy, How?

Think about cornerstone content when setting up a new content marketing strategy. It is must to have at least four or five invaluable posts. These must be informative posts. When you have written these articles, write alot of other blog posts about topics similar to these articles. Try to write each of these new blog articles from another angle. And remember to link to your cornerstone articles from these blog posts.


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