WeWork is acquiring Conductor.

The two businesses might not seem like an obvious fit. Why would a coworking giant buy a company that’s best known for search engine optimization?

Well, Conductor co-founder and CEO Seth Besmertnik said that he and WeWork CEO Adam Neumann went to college together, and they’ve “kept reconnecting and reconnecting over the years.” More importantly, the companies are already customers of each other’s services.

WeWork President & Chief Financial Officer Artie Minson elaborated on that idea in an emailed statement:

There’s a lot that make WeWork and Conductor a natural fit. Seth and his team built Conductor to provide the insights, education, and resources their customers need to succeed — in other words, Conductor helps their customers do what they love, and do it better. Conductor has made it easier for us to reach potential WeWork members who are looking for workspace. It’s also helped us get the word out about the services and amenities that we offer to companies of all sizes.

And now that Conductor is part of WeWork, Besmertnik said, “We’re going to be building a marketing cloud to go after the enterprise market.”

Besmertnik argued that “search data is human data,” so it makes sense to use that data to power content creation — and the company was already adding content marketing tools to its core SEO product.  Moving forward, Conductor plans to expand into other types of marketing and advertising.

He added that this shouldn’t change anything for existing Conductor customers.

“It’s only going to be better,” Besmertnik said. “We’re…