Everybody has experienced this that you are waiting for a very important call. You move away from your phone for just a minute and return to a dreaded “Missed Call” notification.  Or you call someone to talk about something very important, and they do not receive. When they finally get back to you, they give some lame excuse about how their phone was in the next room blah blah blah Now, with so many high-tech wearable notification gadgets in the market, there is no excuse for not knowing when someone is trying to reach you worth your time.

Wearable notification gadgets

Here is our favorite wearable :

1. Ditto

Ditto is a tiny notification device. It helps you stay connected while your phone is charging in the next room. Ditto can be customized to let the user know about incoming calls, texts, emails, and application notifications.it also has a  gentle alarm feature to wake you up in the morning.

wearable notification gadgets

You can wear Ditto to the gym or to work. Just snap it onto your sleeve, jeans, or someplace else that’s secure. It is discreet enough never to garner attention.It even comes with a wristband so you can wear it like a bracelet. It will also tell you if you start to leave your phone behind.

2. Chronos

What happens when you want the notification qualities of a smartwatch, but you also don’t want to give up the style of your wearing timepiece? You purchase Chronos.It is the smart disc that attaches to the back of any type of watch.

Chronos is a thin, stainless steel disc. Installation is simple.Just peel off the plastic of

wearable notification gadgets


When you get a call, it’ll buzz your wrist.Light notifications can be turned on for more colorful alerts.

When it needed to recharge it, just click it into the included base and plug it into the wall.

3. Ringly Bracelet

If, your essential call gets missed.Ringly has a  solution for it. Its GO smart bracelet connects to your cell. When you’re out and you want to keep your phone tucked away, a light on your bracelet will let you know that somebody is calling you. Use it to track calories or to accessorize with your favorite outfit. It comes in black and beige at Target.

4. Spire Stone

The Stone by Spire is the wearable. It’s waterproof, weatherproof, and even machine washable. Stoneworks

The Spire Stone works by notifying you of your breathing patterns throughout the day. The sensors monitor your breath and give the findings to the phone. During the daytime, if the device notices change in your breathing pattern, it will alert you. You can then take actions to help you relax.wearable notification gadgets It has 10-day battery life.Just set it on top of the sleek charging pad. It will charge wirelessly.

5. Bellabeat Leaf 

This high-technology is made-for-women.This wearable may look like just a piece of jewelry.But it is also incredibly smart.

It tracks your activity.It can be enabled to encourage you to do breathing exercises. The Leaf vibrates to notify you when it’s time to get-up in the morning and, unlike unisex fitness trackers, can monitor reproductive health.

wearable notification gadgets

The Leaf can be worn like a bracelet or necklace. The app is ground zero for monitoring your activity.

Without buttons and screen, you just wear it on and sync it to your phone.