Forget about drinking coffee and other energy drinks.To keep awake during driving.A new bracelet is made. To punch you awake at the wheel.

Steer is a wearable bracelet.It starts working. When a person, starts to get sleepy or drowsy.The device has 16 sensors.That measures body conditions.Sensors compare these circumstances to normal human conditions.If, it detects that your heart rate is decreasing.It alerts you with a vibration.It(Steer) warns the driver with vibration and yellow light.

If your heart rate keeps dropping. Even the device is giving an alert.The device will detect that the person is almost about to sleep.So it will try to wake you up with an electric shock.

After, a person gets shocked.His or her hormones will fluctuate.It will awake you. And alert you during driving.A person heart rate will go back to normal.

It works when you hand over the wheel.Or you start feeling sleepy.Its price is about $100.It is not very expensive though. It will be available in November.And, if, you compare this price, with your life safety.Then you will say that it is priceless.

This device has made its fundraising goal.But the trick to wear the device is to buckle your seat belt up.

Steer can save many lives on the roads.Will help in reducing accidents. That occurs due to drowsiness and lack of sleep.So it is perfect technology.Everyone should buy it.

Steer creator Vlad Ilyin thinks that wearable bracelet will “kill drowsiness” and make driving safer.

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