The combat looked a little slow and robotic. The game, though, is clearly in an early state, so I don’t want to knock what will likely be improved. We were also shown a scanner — much like the Detective Mode in Batman: Arkham Knight — which revealed what powers each enemy had equipped. That will be crucial, the team said, when choosing abilities and the best way to take down groups. Once everyone had been vanquished, the two heroes walked into a makeshift hangar and boarded two vehicles — a gleaming spaceship and a ramshackle hoverbike — before flying outside.

Ganesha City is based in a continent called New India. The obvious inspiration can be seen in the temple-like architecture and colorful murals painted on skyscraper sized walls. There weren’t too many streets, or pedestrians, but the flying traffic made it feel like a real, lived-in world. While the demo was underway, some of the Beyond Good and Evil 2 team explained the game’s lore. In short, the first colonists were exposed to radiation that made them infertile. Almost everyone in the system is, therefore, a clone built for a specific purpose. You, however, decide to break out and become a legendary space pirate captain instead.

It’s an interesting premise, but also a convenient one for offering a limited number of character types. The team stressed, however, that there will be extensive customisation options to help you stand out from other humans, hybrid monkeys, or whatever base species you choose. During this explanation, one of the team members switched on a…