Waze is partnering with traffic-management platform Waycare to share data and improve congested roads.

Founded out of Palo Alto, California in 2016, Waycare taps multiple historical and real-time data sources, such as connected car platforms, telematics services, road cameras, construction projects, fleet management platforms, weather services, and public transit, to build a more complete picture of a city’s roads and help municipalities improve safety and infrastructure.

The platform also facilitates two-way data sharing between public agencies and first-responder vehicles such as police cars, which helps cities improve traffic and road safety while giving drivers more detailed information for their journey.

Above: Waycare platform: Incident detected and data sent to law enforcement and other relevant agencies

The Waycare platform is geared toward public bodies — such as law enforcement, traffic operations, traffic engineering, emergency services, and the freeway service patrol — and serves as a repository for various parties interested in pooling their road and transport data. The company kicked off its inaugural project in southern Nevada back in October, and in the intervening months it has rolled out projects in California, Florida, and Delaware.

Waze, the community-powered navigation app acquired by Google in 2013, is used by tens of million of people around the world to find their way from A to B and allows them to alert other drivers when they encounter crashes, speed cameras, roadwork, and so on.


By meshing their respective datasets, Waycare can promise cities a richer…