When I see people complaining about their job or their boss.Do something about this.I would say stop being a victim.If you can work where you are right now.You can save your self from many troubles.

In this article, i will tell you ten ways on how you can love your job even if you don’t like it.

1. Pay attention to what you like about your work and ramp it up

This will provide you with the strength to handle the tough parts. Think about your co-workers, your stimulating assignments or your opportunities for learning.

2. Make a change

Try to make a change even a small change can do a good work. Boredom is often the cause of unhappiness at work. So your one little step towards changing can do wonder in what’s getting you down. You should give your self-challenge to search for one portion that will give you more happiness and joy at work and then do it.

One way I suggest is to sign up for professional development programs by your employer. When you will get the new knowledge you will notice the world around you.

3. Declutter your office

Most people feel boredom because they are not cleaning out as they go. Their inbox is full. Their desk is a big disaster. Their file drawers are full. Getting rid of stuff always bring new perspectives.

” Getting rid of stuff brings a new perspective, she adds.

4. Discover a positive image to inspire you and help you cope with a job

I call my job” going to my cool happy place” I visualize a green field with a view of a green floral garden. It calms me down. In this way, i feel peaceful.

Put a picture of a special image on your office work wall, away from your computer and phone. In this, you will have to turn to look directly at it, which can be transporting.

5. Volunteer — either through work or on the side

Volunteer either through work or on the side.When volunteer effort is done by your employer.It makes relationships with your co-workers.

6. Get up to speed on your field

Make a routine of reading trade publications. And set up a Google Alert. They notify you about the latest news in your industry.

7. Raise your hand and ask for new duties

Always accept new assignments happily. If you are worried that you can not do that task. Accept the work gracefully and with confidence. Then try your best to figure out how you can do it.

8. Find joy around your workplace

You can create a musical bent at your workplace. Or if you have interest in physical activities make an organization like a sports team. It could be of any sport like cricket or volleyball.

9. Look into telecommuting

When we talk about what makes people love their jobs, this is a big thing. According to survey telecommuting employees are happier, more loyal and have fewer unscheduled absences, according to a survey

Working from home without a boss gives you the flexibility to get your job done when you want and how you want.

10. Last, laugh more

Last but not the least laugh more at your work. People who laugh are more engaged in their jobs. The more engaged you are more effectively you will do your work.