Working all day can be tiring.Many people don’t have the facility to take a nap at the office.So there fore it is must to discover ways to stay awake at work when you are feeling sleepy.

Feeling sleepy at work is something very common.According to the survey, it is found that people who do not take good sleep at night feel more tired at work.

Ways To Stay Awake

If, you are looking to solve this problem.Try these cool tips to stay awake at work when you are feeling sleepy.

1.Get Moving:

When you, feel tired at work take a walk around the office.Chat with your colleagues and take some fresh air.Just get a little change of scenery.You may think that you are wasting time if you are taking a few minutes away from your desk.But you will be more productive and energetic when you will come back to your work desk.

2.Grab A Snack:

If, you feel your self-slow and sleepy.Grap a meal like eggs, dry fruits or sandwiches.Always keep healthy snacks in your desk drawer.You may feel tired, may be you’re feeling tired because you are hungry.Sometimes when we have a load of work, we forget to eat .So set a reminder on your phone for taking a snack.In this way, you will get alert that it’s meal time.

3.Drink Water:

Some times you are not hungry but only dehydrated.So place a water bottle at your desk.Often a glass of water can damage fresh your body and mind.And you feel very energized.

4.Sit Up Straight:

Sitting up straight during work can do all wonders.A study tells that your posture can affect your energy levels.People who sit up straight during work are more energetic and excited about their work.

5.Give Your Body A Message:

A body massage is the best way to get the blood circulating.Rubbing the neck and back can give a jolt of energy.Also do massage between your thumbs, forefinger and your earlobes.

6.Splash Cold Water On Face:

Splash cold water on the face can make you fresh real quick.When you splash water on your face, your body has a physiological response.It makes your body and minds clean.

7.Bite Bubblegum:

A study tells that people who chewed gums for fifteen minutes felt more energetic than those who did not chew gum.

8.Focus On Something Pleasurable:

It is true that when you feel pleasure in your work your brain is in flow mode and it is focused and alert.Find something about the work that gets you interested.Whether it, is for your self or you are doing it for your client.

Nothing can replace good sleep, but these tips will help you a lot.Hope you will try these!!


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