Presenters were stuck.There was not an easy way to share slides.Now there are three good options.Slides are often shared after a meeting or workshop.Slides do not always convey the whole story.

Three ways to record and share a presentation with a Chromebook

1. Google+ Hangout On Air

A Google+Hangout On air works best to live to stream and records presentation from your Chromebook to YouTube.Only start the Hangout and then select a Hangout On Air.

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Anything done in the Hangout On Air will be recorded.Share your screen with the Screenshare app.When finish, watch your video on Youtube.

For all this to work.You need a Google Account attached to Google+, Hangouts, and YouTube.If, your account has all three of these.Go ahead and setup Hangout On Air.Then get login, broadcast, and record from your Chromebook.

There are three or two challenges:

  • First, the recording displays either your webcam video or your shared screen. It means there is no way to show both at one time.
  • Second, your Google Account must use Google+, Hangouts, and YouTube.

2. Movenote

Movenote displays your recorded video and slides side-by-side. Its format is very much like a  television news show, where you’re the news anchor delivering commentary on the slides.

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Three ways are there to install this app.People using Chrome can install the app from the Chrome Web Store, or they can sign up at site.Organizations using Google Apps may have an administrator add Movenote from the Marketplace.Movenote supports both an Android and iOS app. Using Movenote for the first time.You have to give the app permission to access your web camera tow times.One for Adobe Flash and second for the Movenote site to access your webcam.

When, you are using Movenote for the first time.You have to give the app permission to access your web camera two times.One for Adobe Flash and second for the Movenote site to access your webcam.

Now, next step is to upload your content.Movenote supports pictures in JPG and Png formats.It supports presentations in pdf.

Next step, Put your slides in order, Every page of a PDF document uploaded to Movenote must be re-ordered.It is the best way to make a quick and sequence wise change.

In the end, make your recording.Hit the Record button and then begin your presentation.You can Click on the Pause button to pause the recording, Resume button for continue.Start over to try again.When,  you are all done select Save and press Preview.

Recordings made with Movenote are accessible publicly.The presentation also provides a short link.

3. Screencastify

It is a simple video screen capture software for Chrome.All screen activity inside a tab can be recorded.It includes audio as well.Just press record button and the content is recorded.So you can easily make presentations in it.

Videos are recorded as webm/vp8 files.It can save videos to your computer, or you can upload to youtube or Google drive with just a click.

Screencastify does not need any external software.It also works on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes.Videos are not transferred to any remote system unless you upload them.

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Which tool is right for your use?

All three options work well. For most users, a Hangout On Air is the best choice. But for people who can not use a Hangout On Air, Movenote offers an excellent a choice. Screencastify works ideal for screencasting, so if your presentation benefits from sequences that show information outside of slides.