All of you.Who are using iOS 8 on your iPhone or iPad?May have noticed that your battery life weaken faster than normal.It is because of many new added features.

There are many natural ways to preserve battery life.They are quick as well.You can add these tips to your everyday lives.So, let’s take some time to know helpful tips.

 1. Identify culprits

First of all.Identify apps that are taking away your battery life most.Apple has introduced a great new feature in iOS.It tells a percentage of the largest drainers.Identify the app which is not used mostly.Close that app.

go to Settings>General>Usage>BatterUsage.

You can close those apps which you commonly do not use.Also, delete un necessary apps.

2. Manage Background App Refresh

The latest Apple software has back ground App.If Background Refresh is set to ‘on.’It lets the app work in the background.While , the user is performing other tasks.It is good for refreshing.But it is not ideal for your mobile battery life.So to save mobile battery disable this feature.

To disable this feature.Go to Settings>General>Background App Refresh.Here you have the option to turn it on or turn it off.

3. Cool it with notification widgets

iOS 8 has widgets.One can access from Notification Center.These widgets include sports scores, weather updates, transit information and much more.The only minus point of these widgets is that they pull data frequently.Which, can make battery life short.

4. Shut down parallax

Some people like Apple’s parallax feature.While others, consider it dizzying.It is the biggest offender of battery-life for iOS.

To turn parallax feature off.Go to Settings>General>Accessibility and switch Reduce Motion to ‘on.’

5. Stop location-tracking apps

Tracking apps are great.For when you need to know GPS  directions.But if, you are using this app continually.It can eat your phone battery.So the best option is to turn this app off.And turn it On when you need it.To switch it off Go to

Settings>Privacy>Location Services.Or disable such apps one by one.

6. Turn down the brightness

Brightness may look good.But other hands it is draining your phone battery.There is no need to put brightness when not needed.So it is better to decrease the brightness.For that Go to Settings>Wallpaper & Brightness and disable Auto-Brightness.

7. Don’t fetch

Although, this feature is handy.But it makes your battery short.So it is better to check your email manually through Mail app instead.And turn this feature off.For that Go to Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Fetch New Data

These little steps may look very small.But they are very effective once you try them.