This device represents the future Amazon envisioned for Alexa when it opened up the voice assistant’s technology. Just recently, Alexa gained the ability to talk to microwaves and electric vehicles, and you can probably expect that list to grow even further. The e-commerce titan also released a mobile accessory kit, making it easy for developers to give their Bluetooth headphones and wearables the power to use the voice-controlled service.

If a pair of shades that can talk to Alexa sounds the most intriguing of the bunch, you’ll have to be willing to shell out $1,000 for them. Vuzix chief Paul Travers knows that’s a pretty high price point, but the company hopes to be able to sell them for under $500 by 2019. He believes “everyone is going to come out with [Alexa-enabled] glasses sooner or later,” so the company’s offering needs to be at a competitive price.

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