Popular virtual private network (VPN) provider TunnelBear is extending its paws into a new privacy-focused product with the launch of a cross-platform password management app.

Available now in beta, RememBear (get it?) is currently available on Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS, as well as through a Chrome browser extension. In a nutshell, the app sets out to achieve what TunnelBear tried to do when it went to market more than six years ago — make password management as easy and user-friendly as possible to encourage uptake among millions more users.

Founded out of Canada in 2011, TunnelBear gained a reputation as a fun, user-friendly VPN that uses funky bear-burrowing animations to bring privacy to mobile and desktop web browsing. The company claims around 20 million have used its service since inception, and a few months ago it opened up to businesses with a new Teams product.

Above: TunnelBear for Mac

Security hygiene

With shoddy security practices and high-profile breaches now a near-daily occurrence, it can be all too easy to become desensitized to the threat posed by hackers and cybercriminals — after all, if billion-dollar companies can’t sort their security practices out, what hope do we have? But password management promises to make it easier for people to adopt a healthier approach to, well, password management, as they don’t have to rely on the same one or two passwords across dozens of apps and websites and can even auto-generate passwords that are incredibly difficult to crack.

Based on our brief tests, RememBear is pretty slick, though it does more or less does what its…

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