Honestly speaking, I love sitting back and see one wallet after another.Compare each other with good designs and features.One wallet has a tracking feature.Other has RFID blocking into it.Then I see the third wallet with a power bank inside it.What else could you usually put in side the wallet, you say? Let’s have a glance at the Volterman Wallet to find out, what it has!!!

As the name itself tells you that it is a smart wallet, Volterman is ahead of all the wallets that you have ever seen before.All wallets store cash and cards.But it is not at all what they are meant to be.Wallets should also take care of your stuff( like currency, identity cards,etc.)from stealing as well.

You can call Volterman, a problem-solving wallet.It not only just safeguard your money or other wallet stuff.But it has many other cool features, which make it a smart wallet.It has RFID Protection, which safe guard your cards against data theft.Distance Alarm tackles physical theft.Just put your wallet anywhere.Your phone will warn you that you have left your wallet somewhere.The more interesting feature is, it even works the other way, so if you forget your mobile phone on some place and when you get little away from your phone, your wallet alerts to let you know that you left your wallet in some place.It has global GPS tracking as well to locate where your wallet is.The Volterman has a stealth camera, which is the very cool feature.When, some one steals your wallet as soon as it gets opened.The camera takes the photo of the thief and sends it to your phone.

It has a global Wifi hot spot too.So Volterman provides the internet to you as well.It has power bank to charge two phone at a time.One through a cable and one wirelessly.With all these cool features this wallet can be named the superhero of wallets.

With so many features.Volterman still has a slim and foldable look.It is made from excellent quality leather.It fits ten cards along with cash.It is water proof.You can call it the second greatest thing in your pocket after your smart phone.

Replace your wallet with this smart wallet and feel the difference!!!


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