Video Games effect on human brains

scientists have done studies on how videos games can change human brains and behavior.Research tells that playing video games can change the brain regions and make them more productive.The researchers also looked at studies discovering brain regions connected with the reward system, and how these are linked to video game addiction.

If you play video games, don’t think you are alone.Videos games are becoming more common amongst adults.The average of video games players is increasing day by day.Many video game lovers play games on the desktop computer, but a new generation likes to play on smartphones and tablets during their free time.So we come to this conclusion that video games are a great form of entertainment, but do they have any cause for our brains and behavior?

In last few years, the media have made superficial claims about video games and their effect on human health and happiness.

Palaus and his partners did research on how video games affect the structure and activity of human brains.They gathered the result from 116 scientific studies,22 of which looked at structural changes in brain

Research tells the playing video games can alter the performance of the human brain.For example, if a person is playing video games it affects his or her attention, and some studies also show that gamers show improvements in many types of care.

Addiction of video games is called’Internet gaming disorder.’Functional and structural changes in the neural reward system found in gaming addicts.

Palaus says’ We focused on how the brain reacts to video game exposure, but these effects do not always translate to real-life changes’.

The research on videos games is still in its infancy.Researchers are still made to find what aspects of game effect which brain region and how.It’s normally that video games have positive and negative aspects.