It’s official: Venmo is arising out of your smartphone also into your wallet.

On Monday, the mobile payments app declared the limited release of an actual. A physical debit card that users can swipe IRL to give directly from their balance. Because the card is connected to their accounts. Of monitoring the colleagues through the app.

The debit card can be used anyplace MasterCard is allowed, as well as at ATMs to withdraw cash. However though purchases at brick-and-mortar establishments won’t hold any extra fees, cash withdrawals will cost users $2.50.

Potential cardholders will be able to take from six colors: white, yellow, pink, black, green, and blue.

A real card from the money-sharing app Venmo.

The announcement reflects almost a year of reported tests on a real debit card that users could swipe to get purchases in brick-and-mortar places. In May, PayPal COO Bill Ready confirmed the debit card as a future payment option for Venmo users. PayPal obtained the mobile payments service in 2012.

If you have a Venmo account moreover you’re ready to make space in your wallet for more plastic, you can grow in line here to apply for a limited release of the card.

you can use the map now, but it’s currently in “limited release.” You’ll have to get in a queue for an opportunity to apply if you weren’t previously a beta tester. The card’s launch is well-timed, though. TechCrunch pointed out that there’s a whole age growing up with not only peer-to-peer payment assistance like Venmo but internet-only banks. It may require a card like this to court client who never visit a physical bank. But still, need to spend their hard-earned money in the real world.