With the release of Chrome 69, it was discovered that when you log into your Google account, or any Google service for that matter, you will also be automatically logged into Chrome whether you want to or not.

So what’s the big deal?

According to a Adrienne Porter Felt, an engineer and manager on the Google Chrome team, it is not a big deal and this should just be seen an visual indicator that the user is logged into Google, but does not mean that data is actually being uploaded. 

On the other hand, Matthew Green, a cryptography professor at Johns Hopkins university, feels that this is a really big deal as it associates a browser with a Google account, which should never happen unless you choose to login to Chrome. Even if browsing data is not uploaded and sync is not enabled, there is data that could be gathered simply by the authentication process alone.

To make matters worse, by forcing users to login to Chrome when you use another Google service, such as Gmail, Chrome is placed into a completely different category in…