USB Wall  Charger Records 1080p HD Hidden Video Recording

In this age of electronic devices USB block, chargers are very common.They are very handy, as we need them for charging tablets, devices smartphones, and many other electrical appliances.SO what device is better than a USB wall charger?.As it is a hidden camera, no one can easily detect it.It records video in HD quality color.

RecordHD Video Onto A Removable SD Card

As this device has 8GB SD card and 32GB free card, One will have 15 hours of non-stop video to capture hidden videos on the SD card.As it has optional SD cards, you can remove and replace it with other blank SD card.


Time/Date Stamp  record available on recorded video

All the recorded videos have the time and date of video recording onto the video.

Easy to use

  Using this device is easy.When you open your hidden camera out of the box, it is ready to go with motion identification settings.Just unpack and plug it into a socket.It is all set.

Motion Activated Recording Or Continuous Mode Records 

Record & see only the action. The motion detection mode records everything until the motion stops.So this is sure that one will never miss anything.It is effortless to operate. Just move the Function switch to the right and put into a wall outlet.The red light will get on for maximum 10 seconds. Then it will blink three times to let the user know that motion activation is ready.After movement, detection device starts to record.

Record Video in minutes

Just plug into any wall outlet.The recording will start. It is this much quick and easy

1 Year Warranty & Unlimited Tech Support

This device has full unlimited tech support and 1-year warranty.


  • Records 1080p video 1920×1080 @ 30FPS in AVI Format @ 30 FPS
  • motion and continuous recording settings
  • Time and date options
  • Removable SD card
  • power light
  • 32Gb SD Card

You can purchase this camera from

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