There’s far more to Uber than just Uber. The app has several levels of pricing and service, some of which may not be available in your area.

You can use Uber to request a taxi. The payment is not included so you will have to pay your driver. A $2 booking fee is processed through the app. The cancellation fee is $5.

Uber Express Pool
If you’ve got some time to spare, Uber Express Pool matches you with passengers going a similar route. You’ll have to walk a few blocks to meet the car and your fellow riders (kinda like, you know, a bus).

uberPool (known as UberPop in Europe)
With uberPool you share your ride and the cost with others. You’ll be given the price for a flat fare before you request a car. You can request an uberPool for up to two people.

An uberX is a sedan that seats four riders. The base fare and per-minute and per-mile fees are higher than uberPool.

Uber XL has SUVs to accomodate larger groups. An uberXL seats six riders and its base fare and per-minute and per-mile fees are higher than uberX.

Uber Car Seat
Uber Car Seat is an uberX that comes equipped with a forward-facing car for a child who is at least a year old, 22 pounds, and 31 inches tall. The car seat does not fit children who weigh more than 48 pounds or are more than 52 inches tall.

Customers who use a motorized wheelchair or scooter can book an uberWAV to get an accessible vehicle that has a driver certified by a third party in safely driving and assisting people with disabilities.

Request an UberSelect and you’ll get a high-end car that acomodates up for four passengers for slightly less than you’d pay…