Following a report last week that Israeli company Cellebrite was offering an unlocking service for Apple’s latest iOS 11 devices, a new report today claims that a former Apple employee is involved in a similar American business. Forbes says that an “obscure” startup named Grayshift “appears to be run by long-time U.S. intelligence agency contractors and an ex-Apple security engineer,” and is offering $15,000 to $30,000 iPhone unlocking services for models including the iPhone X.

According to today’s report, Grayshift has issued marketing materials offering an iPhone unlocking tool called GrayKey in two flavors: Online, with a 300-device usage limit, for a single payment of $15,000; or Offline, with no device limit, for $30,000. The company claims to be able to unlock iOS 10 and iOS 11 devices, including all currently sold iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, with iOS 9 and older device support listed as “coming soon.” Forbes says that GrayKey’s service has apparently been demonstrated successfully on a locked iPhone X.

While Grayshift’s full employee roster isn’t known, Forbes says that it includes former employees of U.S. government-sponsored hacking companies Endgame and Optiv, as well as Braden Thomas, who is said to have spent six years as a security engineer for Apple. Thomas’ claimed involvement raises the prospect that iOS devices and software might have been compromised by Apple employees who later left to work against the company’s interests.

There’s been no claim of direct Apple involvement in Cellebrite’s service, which is currently said to work on “Apple…