Shortly after Facebook announced that it was finally rolling out its tool for users to see all the active ads being run by a single Page, Twitter announced today that it is releasing its long-awaited Ads Transparency Center.

Anyone — whether they are a registered Twitter user or not — will be able to see all of the campaigns that an advertiser has run within the past 7 days by searching for that advertiser’s Twitter handle. A Twitter spokesperson told VentureBeat in an email that “given this is our first iteration of this, you can imagine we will look into this and see if we need to adapt [the length of time] in the future.”

For now, the center simply shows the Tweets promoted by that account, as well as the number of retweets and likes they’ve garnered. A quick scroll through Twitter’s promoted Tweets in the past 7 days, for example, shows the company heavily promoting its Moments tab in conjunction with the World Cup.

U.S. political ads, however, will be searchable for an indefinite amount of time, and will include more detailed information like demographic targeting data and ad spend. In May, Twitter unveiled a new Political Ads Policy, which covers any ad that attempts to influence the outcome of an election. In the U.S., the policy for now only applies to advertising related to federal elections.

U.S. political advertisers have to first be certified by Twitter, and include a bio with a “website that provides valid contact info”; a profile, header, and website that are “consistent” with the account’s online presence; and a disclaimer if its not immediately recognizable…