Twitter is trying to stop more bad apps from ever reaching its platform, as part of a crackdown on what it calls “malicious automation.”

In a blog post attributed to platform policy manager Yoel Roth and senior director of product management Rob Johnson, the company announced that starting today, all developers who are requesting access to Twitter’s standard APIs for the first time will have to go through a new app registration process. Twitter first rolled out the registration process in November, but previously it was only for developers requesting first-time access to Twitter’s premium APIs.

Eventually, all developers with existing access to the APIs will have to go through the registration process — but Twitter isn’t saying exactly when, only that it will provide a 90-day notice before enforcing this requirement.

As part of today’s announcement, Twitter also revealed that it has removed the platform access of more than 143,000 apps that violated its policies between April and June 2018, and is now giving users the option to “report a bad app” in the Help Center. Twitter didn’t specifically say what policies the removed apps have violated, but today’s announcement called out apps that produce spam or result in invasions of users’ privacy as things the company is trying to stop from reaching the platform.

The new registration process requires that developers provide detailed information about how they intend to use Twitter’s APIs, and how the proposed use case will make being on Twitter a better experience for users. Facebook, which is currently requiring all apps with…