Throughout this decade, Twitter has been a uniquely powerful way to keep up with the world’s news on a moment-by-moment basis. But that’s not the same thing as saying it’s been easy to use it for this purpose. It’s required careful management of your timeline, a willingness to traverse hashtags, and a familiarity with the service’s search features. The more effort you put into all this, the more news you got out.

To follow the Golden State Warriors, for instance, “you want to follow the players,” said Twitter VP of product Keith Coleman at a small press event at the company’s headquarters on Tuesday. “You want to follow the commentators. You want to follow Draymond Green’s mom. You want to follow the refs … But it’s kind of a lot of work to do that today.”

Now Twitter wants to take a more active hand in packaging up breaking news and ongoing events for consumption on its service. Via a combination of human curation and algorithms, it will collect together tweets, videos, and other elements about specific news events; fill your app with news about subjects it thinks you’re likely to care about; and attempt to ensure that you see the most important stories even if you’re not rummaging around for them.

[Photo: courtesy of Twitter]

This effort will include an overhaul of the elements in Twitter’s “Explore” tab and search results. Now they’ll aggregate tweets, videos, photos, and links to reporting and commentary concerning specific news events into dedicated pages, rather than splaying different types of media across multiple sections. At times, Twitter will put a…