Some Twitter users say that the service is erroneously reporting them as being too young to use the social network, and that it is taking them days to get their accounts unlocked.

Since last week, users have been complaining on Reddit about being locked out of their accounts and have been trying to figure out what might be causing the issue. Redditors believe that Twitter users are being locked out of their account if they created the account when they were under 13 years old — which has traditionally been how old users need to be to use Twitter. VentureBeat couldn’t independently verify all of those claims, but found some commonalities in speaking with Redditors about what happened to their accounts.

VentureBeat messaged four Twitter users who had reported being locked out of their account. All said that they were locked out of their accounts in recent days after trying to change their birth years or being prompted to add their birthday to their profile. Three said that they originally entered incorrect dates of birth when they signed up for Twitter because they were younger than 13 years old. Another claimed that when they were older than 13 when they signed up for a Twitter account, but put their birth date as one year older than they actually were because Twitter wouldn’t let them input their actual birth year.

Above: A screenshot of a message one user reported receiving from Twitter

Social media platforms have traditionally been lax about enforcing their minimum age requirements, with some executives believing that forcing users to prove their age would raise a number of privacy…