If you’ve just unwrapped an Amazon Echo hub, now is the perfect time to connect it and its digital voice assistant, Alexa, to your home security system. With a two-year head start over the rest of the digital assistant market, Alexa’s repertoire of skills and compatible products is incredibly vast. There’s an almost endless selection of Alexa-compatible devices, making your Echo the perfect “brain” for a smart home security system. From smart doorbells to AI-powered security cameras, these are the best Alexa upgrades for 2018.

Smart homes utilize Wi-Fi connected devices to automate or streamline the use of everyday electronics. Amazon’s Echo devices, powered by the voice-activated digital assistant Alexa, are often used as hubs for these types of devices. Many of Alexa’s 15,000 skills interface with smart light bulbs, appliances, and security devices.

Since its introduction a few years ago, Alexa has put itself far in front of the competition when it comes to compatible devices, and it still isn’t a close race. Most smart security devices on the market are Alexa-compatible, and tying your security system into an Echo hub adds convenient features and makes interfacing with multiple security devices as easy as calling out a command.

Setting up smart home security

If you want to make Alexa your head of home security, you’ll need an Echo-compatible security system to integrate. Devices like the Scout Alarm and Vivint security systems work perfectly with Alexa. Once you’ve synced your alarms to your Echo, you’ll be able to control almost every aspect of your alarm system using…