troubleshoot an iPhone

iPhone is a very reliable device. It is a complex portable computer. The telephone side hardly suffers problems.

Connectivity problems seem to be the very common issues. These can be solved by switching the connection off and then on.

If you are facing synching problems, see if your iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus is put to sync only over Wifi rather than 3G/4G too. It will back up using one but not both.

Problems are mostly due to applications misbehaving. If your iPhone is having problems. Follow these steps to resolve the problems:

1. Quit an app

If you face problems with an application, the first step you should do is to quit it. Double click the home button to go to the multitasking view. Find the app to dismiss it. Press the Home button again to go to the Home Screen. You can now open the app if you want to.

2. Force-quit

In some cases, you can not quit an app or exit an app. In this case, you will have to force quit. For that hold the Sleep/Wake button for at least 3-5 seconds till the power off slider shows up. Push and hold the Home button for 3-6 more seconds. You will get back to the Home Screen. The application will quit.

3. Turn it off and on again

Try switching your iPhone off and on again. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button again.when the power slider appears, this time slide to power off. Wait for some seconds then hit the Sleep/Wake button to turn the device back on again.

4. Hard reset

Try hard reset, If you are still experiencing an issue. For that Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button plus home button at the same time.When you see the Apple logo appears on-screen. This will restart the iPhone and will clear almost all errors.

5. Restore

The last solution is to restore your iPhone from a backup. For that tap setting>iCloud>Backup and check that iCloud Backup is not disabled, and then hit Back Up Now, in that case when iPhone has never been backed up.

To restore connect the device to the computer. Cable is more reliable than a Wi-Fi connection. Go to iTunes and hit the iPhone’s name under Devices.

In the summary tab, Now click on the Restore button and confirm.It(iTunes) will restore the device’s software and setting. It will first ask if you want to restore from a backup. Choose the most recent.

6. Get expert help

If, all the above techniques don’t work for you. The ideal place to go is the Genius Bar at an Apple Store.

It is easy; you can book an appointment directly from your iPhone by using a free app called Apple Store.

Instead, visit from any web browser to get an appointment.