Toyota’s latest robot

Robots are coming to help paralyzed people!Toyota’s latest robot

Almost many years ago, when Us war broke in Afghanistan, Army Ranger Romulo Camargo was shot.He got paralyzed from the neck.He is struggling in his life.For little work, he needs someone to help him.

Recently, Camargo got an excellent support in the form of a robot.This robot is from Toyota.So not only for Camargo but all people with disabilities can buy this and get help from it.

Toyota Robot features

This robot height is 3 feet.Its weight is 81 pound.This robot can do all your daily life tasks, like an opening door, taking food from the fridge, bring water.It has different sensors.With the help of sensors, this robot detects when it is going to fall and when to drop the glass or anything in the right place. It is known for its best reception.The body of the robot can be extended as well to perform different tasks.Vacuum-pad grippers are there to help the robot to grab things like pencil or water bottle.

Camargo Remarks on Toyota Robot:

Camargo remarks’When I saw the robot, I notice that it would  close the next chapter in human support robots by helping disable people, he meant that this device would change the world.’

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Toyota has taken a very significant step to help humanity by launching this great robot.There will be a high number of population of people who will get advantage from this robot.Now a paralyzed person does not have to depend for a human to help him or her for doing their tasks.A Totoya Robot will do all their duties.
So bringing this robot to your life is priceless!
 Great effort is performed by Toyota to help paralyzed people.