Modern laptops are powerful than old laptops. Thanks to advancements, they are also more efficient and providing them with ever great battery lives.

To help you get a long laptop battery life, here are some tips to improve:

Tips to make your laptop battery last longer

1. Dim your screen

Laptop screen takes a huge amount of battery power to keep your laptop display looking clear and bright. To last your laptop battery  for a long time then dim down the screen  brightness

The screen button is usually represented by a small sun symbol with up and down icons. To dim the brightness press the down button.

2. Change power settings

Write ‘power options’ in the search box and select ‘Power saver’ from the list. Windows 10 has many methods for saving battery life. They include settings for powering off the monitor and going to sleep mode more quickly.

3. Switch off Wi-Fi

Wireless networking capabilities use alot of battery. So, when you are not using internet turn off the wireless button.

Some laptops have buttons to turn off the built-in web cameras. And turn your speakers to mute, if you don’t need sound.

5. Eject your disc drives

If, a disc is spinning in the drive. It is a huge drain on resources, and many programs constantly do this. Simply eject your discs before you switch to battery power to gain extra minutes from your working day.

Nowadays, most modern laptops do not come with disc drives installed, but if your laptop does, make sure it’s empty when you’re on the move.

6. Invest in some hardware

Most laptops come with a six-cell battery. However, many manufacturers offer eight or twelve optional upgrades which will double your power.

Another choice to expensive laptop batteries is portable laptop battery chargers. They give you extra hours for your device.

These are generally compact battery units and portable so you can easily place in a bag.

7. Disable features

Windows 10 has some cool built-in features, but many put demands on your system that are unnecessary when working on the move. Turn off graphical effects when you’re on the move to make your laptop faster.

8. Battery care

Lithium-Ion batteries do not require a complete discharge. But also you should use a battery once you’ve charged it.