A new virtual reality app that’s designed to help kids suffering from conditions like Crohn’s disease understand their maladies immerses those children in a cartoon-like virtual reality tour through their body.

Called HealthVoyager, the tool, a collaboration between Boston Children’s Hospital and the health-tech company Klick Health, is being launched today at an event featuring former First Lady Michelle Obama.

A lot of kids are confused by doctors’ intricate explanations of complex procedures like a colonoscopy, and they, and their families, can feel much more engaged, and satisfied, if they really understand what’s going on. But that’s been hard to do in a way that really works and doesn’t get bogged down with a lot of meaningless jargon.

“I have to explain complicated diseases to kids and their families and hope they understand it,” says Michael Docktor, the clinical director of innovation at Boston Children’s Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator, and a co-developer of the tool. “Really, the tools [I’ve had] at my disposal [have been]things like drawing on an exam room table paper, or I’ll draw on an anatomy app.”

Those approaches leave a lot to be desired, Docktor says. And that’s why he’s been excited about collaborating with Klick on the new app–which is designed to give kids and their families a customized, immersive look at their exact medical situation, something that in turn allows them to explain what’s going on with them to friends and other family members.

[Photo: courtesy of Klick Labs]

The tool has two components. The first is a doctor-facing Web…