After a tumultuous year of reported financial losses and executive departures, the food startup Hampton Creek is trying to get back on track by unveiling eggless scrambled eggs — a product years in the works — along with a new infusion of investment money.

The San Francisco–based company, best known for its vegan condiments and cookie dough, revealed Just Scramble on Thursday. It’s a yellow liquid that fluffs like an egg in a frying pan, but is largely made from mung bean. While it’s not the first vegan scrambled egg out there, Hampton Creek says it’s the best.

Hampton Creek plans to roll out Just Scramble in restaurants, starting with a handful this year in San Francisco, and eventually to food-service distributors and grocery stores. The company is betting that customers will like the sustainability factor: It’s free of antibiotics and cholesterol, doesn’t risk contamination from things like salmonella and avian flu, requires less water, and emits fewer carbon emissions than normal eggs.

But it also looks, tastes, and scrambles like a regular old egg — and so, at least in theory, customers won’t have to sacrifice flavor and texture for the good of the environment. One challenge, though, will be whether they’ll be willing to pay for its relatively steep price. Conventional eggs cost an average of $1.05 by the dozen. In contrast, Just Scramble’s price is on par with a dozen free-range eggs, between $4 and $6, according to Tetrick.

“It’s not a product just for conscious consumers,” CEO Josh Tetrick told reporters at a breakfast preview on Thursday. “It’s not a…

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